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SED-ML is a community project that is under continuous development, involving software developers of various simulation tools and model representation formats. Our effort values all opinion and contributions. If you have a question, want to discuss the evolution of SED-ML, want to voice an opinion, write and subscribe to sed-ml-discuss.

SED-ML is part of the COMBINE effort. The SED-ML community meets twice a year in person, at the annual COMBINE meeting and at the annual HARMONY meeting. In addition there are regular online meetings.

Proposal and Issue Tracker
To report a bug, request a feature or record an issue with the current specification, please submit an item to the issue tracker tracker.
Discussion Forum!forum/sed-ml-discuss
The official mailing list for the SED-ML project is sed-ml-discuss. The mailing list is free for everyone to join. It is the place where all issues regarding the SED-ML language and SED-ML features are being discussed. Announcements of SED-ML related events and support issues are posted on SED-ML discuss.
Another important function of the mailing list is the voting for SED-ML editors, as well as for SED-ML proposals. Write and subscribe to the google group or write an email to
Email Editors
If you want to directly contact the SED-ML editors, please send a mail to

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